Outpour East (Sam Beato)

I'm a husband, father and son. I Love all I do and the one I do it for. I've been an ordained Pastor since 2019 and Studied at Christian Worship Center Academy where I received my bachelors degree in theology with an emphasis in leadership. My Passion is soul wining and my tool is music. When you read a magnificent poem or see a beautiful painting no one ever praises the pencil that wrote the poem or the paint brush that painted the art, but they praise the artist. Though i am a recording "artist" I am nothing more then an instrument. I'm like a pencil or paint brush. He is the artist. It's Jesus that fuels all I do so more important than any title or accomplishment that I have achieved I find my identity and security in Jesus. The one who set me free from all addictions, shame and brokenness. I Know He can do the same for you and anyone else! I am who I am because He is who He is. I do what I do because He did what He did. He saved me


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