Sam Beato, also known as Outpour East, is a multifaceted artist whose journey reflects a fusion of diverse influences and profound spiritual transformation. Originally hailing from the streets of Yonkers, New York, and Paterson, New Jersey, Sam later ventured to Western New York and Central California, embracing change as a constant in his life. It was in 2016 that Sam experienced a shift when he committed his life to Jesus Christ, a moment that marked a complete turnaround in his worldview and artistic expression. Shedding his former alias "At War," he adopted the persona Outpour East.

As an independent artist based in Western New York, Outpour East distinguishes himself not only through his musical talents but also as a worship leader deeply rooted in Jazz and Alt Rock influences. Beyond his musical endeavors, Sam is a devoted husband, father, and son, embodying his belief that all he does is guided by love and faith in Jesus Christ. Ordained as a pastor in 2019, Sam pursued theological education at the Christian Worship Center Academy, where he earned a bachelor's with an emphasis in leadership. His passion for music extends beyond mere performance; it serves as a tool for spreading the message of faith and salvation, echoing the sentiment that he is but an instrument in the hands of a greater Artist.

Sam's journey underscores a profound identity anchored in Christ, transcending accolades or titles. His life's work is a testament to the transformative power of faith, offering hope and redemption to those who resonate with his message. His artistry is not merely a reflection of his talent, but a conduit through which he shares the liberating truth that transformed his own life—a truth he fervently believes can impact others with equal potency.

Artical Written By Colby/House of Guitars, Rochester NY

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Whether across the world, across the country, or across the street we're devoted to the gospel going forth.

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